Holiday in the delightful Odenwald
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Bus and railway...

DADINA network of routes with fare zones

Network of routes
(The network of routes is a 240kB PDF-File)

Network of routes for buses and railway with Darmstadt as centre. The network routes extend from
a) Frankfurt, Rödermark and Offenbach in the North until Heppenheim, Bensheim and Lindenfels in the South
b) Airport Frankfurt in North-West until Eberbach in South-East
c) Riedstadt and Gernsheim in the West until Aschaffenburg and Mömmlingen in the East
d) Hanau in North-East until Weinheim in South-West

Darmstadt City Card

Darmstadt Card
(The Darmstadt City Card is a 1,2MB PDF-File)

Valid for 1 day with a price of 6 Euro or for 2 days with a price of 9 Euro.

Free trip with all Bus- and tram-lines of the RMV in Darmstadt and enviroment (fare zone 40) for 1 person at 2 consecutively following days.