Holiday in the delightful Odenwald
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Lovely tourist attraction

Groß-Bieberau is a little town with about 4500 inhabitants in the front of the Odenwald. Centrally located for wonderful excursions near by and far away:

Purposes near by:

Indoor playground in Gr.-Bieberau, Schleifweg 4 (1,2Km)

Castle Lichtenberg with bulwark in Lichtenberg (3 Km)

Pond Reinheim and gliding airfield (ca. 4 Km)

Veste and museum Otzberg in Otzberg-Hering  (ca. 7 Km)

Roman villa Haselburg near Hummetroth (ca. 8 Km)

Hill Neunkirchener Höhe (ca. 10 Km)

Wine island  Groß-Umstadt (ca. 10 Km)

Castle Frankenstein (ca. 12 Km)

Rock-ocean near Lautertal-Reichenbach (13 Km)

 Odenwaldtherme in Bad König (ca. 15 Km)

World nature heritage Pit Fossil Site in Messel (20 Km)

Region Bergstrasse with mediterranean climate (ca. 20 Km)
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Darmstadt with Mathildenhöhe, Rose garden, Vivarium...
                           (ca. 20 Km)

 Castle Erbach and ivory museum in Erbach
                           (ca. 20 Km)

The world famous  Michelstädter townhall (ca. 18 Km)

 Castle Auerbach (ca. 20 Km)

 Prince camp near Bensheim-Auerbach, the third biggest
                            country park of Hessen (ca. 23 Km)

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- Odenwald wandering routes

New: Pilgrim route around Fischbachtal (ca. 22 Km)

- Nature park Odenwald

Long-therm objects:

 Big-airport Frankfurt (ca. 40 Km)

Aschaffenburg with Castle Johannisburg , Pompejanum ,
                             Abbey church and
Park Schönbusch (ca. 30 Km)

Old-Rhine-Loop with Nature reservation Kühkopf
                            (ca. 35 Km)

 Miltenberg is the gem of the river Main and a baroque city

Amorbach (ca. 50 Km)

 Frankfurt City , banks-town with historic district Römer, landmark tower, Zoological garden, Palmy garden, Museum Senkenberg... (ca. 55 Km)

Wiesbaden is the former emperor-city and today the provincial capital of Hessen (ca. 65 Km)

Cathedral-city  Mainz (ca. 60 Km)

 Heidelberg with the world famous Castle (ca. 60 Km)

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